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2This section contains a timeline of historical events relating to Coddington Village

Welcome to Coddington (Notts) History Group

3This section is contains articles relating to the people of Coddington throughout the years.

The largest body of information is contained in the Surname Lists, however this section is in need of updating.

Families contains articles about individual family names or individuals, deived from the surname lists and further research.

Oral Histories contains accounts from Coddington residents or former residents, either written by themselves or collected by members of CHG.

Gravestones is a survey by CHG of the memorial stones of burials at Coddington All Saints Church.

Census Data, Parish Records and People Timeline are almost empty - these are areas for future development.

Trades contains articles about industry and the means by which Coddington people made their living.

Village Clubs contains articles about the leisure activities of the people of Coddington.

This section contains articles relating to the buildings and places of note in Coddington throughout the years. Use the aerial view below to wander around the village as it is today by dragging the yellow figure onto the map. Return to the aerial view by clicking on the X.


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