Coddington Camp was the name by which the Harvey Avenue Estate was known locally. The origins of the housing estate lay in the formation of RAF Winthorpe, and its fate after WWII. The estate was built for the RAF around 1955 to house 150 RAF families from nearby airbases. The A1, newly constructed and opened in 1964, ran by the side of the estate. The airbase closed in 1959, the central Winthorpe Airbase buildings around Coddington Hall were demolished and the site auctioned off in 1969.  The housing estate continued to be used and was taken over by Newark and Sherwood District Council in the 1970s.

The estate became rundown - eventually the estate residents were relocated and in 1999 it was sold to a private developer. The old estate of 155 houses was demolished in 2001 – the area has been redeveloped as Thorpe Oaks, with 255 new private houses. These started to be occupied in July 2002, and were completed in July 2006.
This link takes you to a site which shows aerial views of the area – the first dated 1999 shows the Harvey Avenue Estate, the second from 2004 shows the redevelopment of the area underway.
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