Coddington History Group was formed in 2003 by residents of Coddington Village,in Nottinghamshire.

It is our aim to:

- Provide a focus for those interested in the history of Coddington, its people and institutions, buildings and environment

- Collect information about the village and its history, ensure it is retained for posterity and make it available in publications

- Promote an interest in history (and especially of local history) in the village by organising activities, talks and exhibitions for members, and for local residents, visitors and Coddington School

- Encourage the view that our heritage should be valued and preserved

- Support other local and national groups with similar aims.

How you can help

If you have any memories, information, old photographs, drawings or documents about Coddington that you are willing to share with the history group please contact us. We are particularly anxious to salvage information from the paper deeds of Coddington buildings before these are superseded and lost.

Our activities and achievements

In its first four years the Group has made rapid progress - we have completed two Heritage Lottery Projects, are becoming known in local history circles and now number about 55 members. We are extremely grateful for the two grants which have made this possible. For more information about our achievements to date click here {insert link}

Between September and June we hold regular evening lectures in Coddington Village Hall on local history subjects. Everyone is welcome to attend and admission includes tea and biscuits (Members £1 and Non Members £2).

We also hold an annual public exhibition split between the Village Hall, Main St and the former village National School (next door, now used as the Scout Hall). On this day All Saints Church is normally also opened to visitors.

The History Group also arranges activities and visits to local sites and heritage groups, and hosts return visits.

People today are very busy with many work, family and leisure commitments. Whether you just want to pass on some information after clearing a cupboard, visit one of exhibitions or the odd lecture, or even become a regular and join our Group you will be very welcome. Our group is informal and lively and can offer as little or as much involvement as you wish.

Membership of Coddington History Group costs £8 per year.

In our first four years we have:

- Set up the Group and begun to acquire equipment, display material and skills


- Produced a Coddington Heritage Trail Leaflet, given to all village households and made available locally and on the website

- Produced a book of historic photographs of the village, given to all village households

- Produced an educational picture-cube, given to all pupils of Coddington School in 2007-8


- Organised public lectures (eight evenings per year) on history topics

- Held five public exhibitions in Coddington

- Organised an educational event for Coddington schoolchildren

- Provided temporary displays for Newark Public Library and for All Saints Church, Coddington

- Built links with other local history organisations and the WEA


Collected an impressive amount of information about the village including:

- Over 3,000 photos, and set up a photo archive

- Memories of village people (Oral history project)

- Historic OS Maps, Census returns, aerial photographs, etc

- We have compiled "Information Folders"

- The History Group Website has been designed and expanded.


We look forward to the future with confidence - and hope that many more people will join us in Coddington, or groups founded in their own local communities.