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Coddington Windmill - an introduction



The windmill, now a private house with no cap or sails, is a listed, tarred brick tower mill about 5 minutes walk beyond the Moat. 


There have been earlier windmills in the Coddington area including a timber windmill insured in 1789 by Valentine Farmorice. In 1818 John Else owned a recently-built smock mill with brick base. William Else owned a post mill on a separate site. A number of millers come and go until 1831, when William Lee is recorded as the first of a Coddington milling dynasty.


The Lee family worked/owned the mill for the remainder of its life. In 1859 the mill was replaced by a tower mill. They installed a 10 horsepower steam engine in 1862, and an oil-engine between 1932 and 1936. The mill was used until 1944 but was damaged in WWII. The property was sold in 1947 and was listed in 1969. Described as derelict in 1974, the tower has been restored since 1984 and converted into a private house.


Follow this link for aerial photos of the area dated 1999 and 2004: 

Aerial photo of Balderton Lane running N-S, from getmapping.com

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