The distinctive ‘question-mark’ outline of the Beaconsfield Drive estate mirrors the shape of vanished Coddington Hall and its grounds, which stood here until the 1960’s. A circular paved area within yew hedging marks the site of an ornamental fountain. Only the Old Coach House and housekeeper’s cottage still exist here today.

We owe the beautiful mature trees and the Yew Wood in this area to the hall’s owners, the Thorpe family. Captain J.S. Thorpe’s death in WWI led to an auction of the estate in 1918 – the sale catalogue gives us detailed information about the hall and all the village lots.

Coddington Hall was incorporated into Winthorpe Airbase, and an RAF housing estate developed. After operations ceased in 1959 the central buildings were allowed to become unsafe and were demolished.  In 1969 the site was auctioned in two lots. Side streets developed off Newark Rd. At last, houses were built along Beacon(s)field Drive and in the former hall’s grounds – just before the old Harvey Avenue Estate was demolished and redeveloped.