Drove Lane is now severed by the 1988 Newark Relief Rd, which reduced traffic through the centre of the village. The path of the lane may have changed slightly since the 17th Century, when it probably ran closer to the footpath to Winthorpe. It is mentioned frequently in descriptions of plots in the 1760 Enclosure Act.
Manor Dairy Farm, on the corner of the Green and Drove Lane, was sold in 1982 – its outbuildings were converted to housing from 1986 to form the Courtyard.
Tennis courts and a cricket pitch were once set in the fields off Drove Lane.
Drove lane once led to Winthorpe Airbase and anti air-craft guns were sited at the Bungalow on Cross Lane during the war. The ghost of Waites Lane can still just be seen as an avenue of hedgerows running perpendicular to the lane nearby.

Beyond the newest bypass are Drove Cottage Farm, Newark Air Museum and Newark and Notts Showground, and other farms lying outside the parish.