In our first four years we have:


    • Set up the Group and begun to acquire equipment, display material and skills
    • Produced a Coddington Heritage Trail Leaflet, given to all village households and made available locally and on the website.
  • Produced a book of historic photographs of the village, given to all village households
  • Produced an educational picture-cube, given to all pupils of Coddington School in 2007-8
  • Organised public lectures (eight evenings per year) on history topics
  • Held five public exhibitions in Coddington
  • Organised an educational event for Coddington schoolchildren
  • Provided temporary displays for Newark Public Library and for All Saints Church, Coddington
  • Built links with other local history organisations and the WEA


  • Collected an impressive amount of information about the village including:
    • Over 3,000 photos, and set up a photo archive
    • Memories of village people (Oral history project)
    • Historic OS Maps, Census returns, aerial photographs, etc
    • We have compiled ?Information Folders?
    • The History Group Website has been designed and expanded.


We look forward to the future with confidence - and hope that many more people will join us in Coddington, or groups founded in their own local communities.